Registered Icelandic Sheep: This year's lamb list will be posted in May. We like to be sure the lambs are off to a great start and are up to our standards before offering them for sale.

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AI lambs (AIs) are no longer restricted to flocks enrolled in the Scrapie program!

2011 Breeding   “who was bred to whom”  list at Frelsi Farm

There are many new faces on the breeding list this year. We are expecting our best lambs ever! Many of our mature ewes were sold last year to make room for their wonderful daughters. As we have said before, if your breeding plan is working, the best animals on your farm should be your lambs. That has been the case more and more often here. We are very proud of these new ewes in this year’s bred ewe flock. These two year olds show great potential. We have also kept a few of last year’s ewe lambs, watching how they are growing and maturing. Some of the ewes we bred this year will be available for your flock improvement, as our yearling girls move up in the breeding flock, and some of the yearlings will also be offered for sale. We are keeping the best of the best here and offering you some of our top quality ewes for your flock. We have very high standards, and will keep and sell only the best of the sheep here. Our meat customers reap the benefits of the animals that are not up to our breeding standards. Only the finest... is our motto and our goal. You can trust that our animals will build a sound foundation for a new flock or enhance the quality of your flock. Improve your flock in one day…put our 14 years of careful breeding to work in your flock this year.

What does "reserved" mean? Reserved means someone has put down a deposit on a sheep. You can ask to be wait listed for a specific sheep on the rare (very rare, we should warn you) chance that the lamb isn't picked up.

*if an animal is unfit or unavailable for sale, you may move your deposit to another animal or the deposit will be returned.

We will be accepting deposits to reserve your choice as we have in previous years. Please print the “2011 Spring Icelandic Lamb Reservation Deposit Form” and mail that form to me along with your deposit. Your $100 deposit holds your place in the order to pick your lamb(s). Your place in the list is determined by the date your deposit arrives. I will notify you of your place on the reservation list. This $100 deposit is 100%  refundable if you do not find a lamb(s) that fit your needs. The deposit of $100 will hold your place for as many lambs as you want….but there will be a time frame for the choices to be made. When all our lambs are born you will have an allotted time to choose your lambs. You will be contacted with the date by which your choices need to be made. After that date the next person on the list will have their choice of lambs. Once your choice(s) is made, a deposit of 1/3 the price of each chosen lamb is required to hold the lamb(s) for you. That 1/3 deposit is non-refundable., unless the lamb should for some reason  be deemed unfit for sale by me. In that case, you may choose another lamb or your deposit will be returned. If there are potential lambs that would like to reserve, or you would like more information about specific sheep, please contact us by email  or telephone.

Aren't they lovely? To reserve yours please contact us by email if possible so we can mark your lamb as chosen!

SEND Snail Mail TO:

Elaine Clark P.O. Box 54 ,Limerick, ME 04048

I will notify you by email or telephone, be sure to provide that information.

Again: email to  or a call to 207-793-4640 to claim your lambs!

The USDA/APHIS has passed a new ruling that will allow the lambs born from AI pregnancies (referred to as F1's) using imported semen will no longer be restricted to flocks enrolled in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program.  This opens up a wonderful opportunity for increasing the genetic base in many more flocks.  And, offers you the chance to add some of our very best lambs, yearlings and adults to your flock.  For those of you enrolled in the program, we are flock ME-02 and were certified July 20, 2005.

Our lambs were on TV: and they're very cute: check them out!

Tattoo and Dam  / Lamb bloodlines and information




How do you build your flock if your farm budget is a little tight? Time, you'll find, is the friend of a farm on a shoestring. You'd be amazed what a little time can buy you. Take a look at a sample farm that wants Icelandic Sheep, but needs time so they can spread the investment out over a period of time. Building a Flock on a Shoestring

We have an explanation of our sheep classes and pricing in our article Budgeting and Building Your Flock.

To reserve an ewe, contact us with the ewe's identifying number. A 50% deposit will hold your ewe at the barn until it is ready to travel. Longer boarding can be arranged. We also participate in several sheep shows and fairs around the New England area during the summer and fall, and transport of your animal to one of these venues can be arranged. See The Show Schedule Confused by terms? See the Shepherd's Glossary.

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